Leutron - PowerPro BCD TNC/TNS/TT

Leutron - PowerPro BCD TNC/TNS/TT
Product Code: PowerPro BCD TNC/TNS/TT
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Combined modular multi-pole arrester for lightning (LEMP) and transient (switching-) surge voltage protection (SEMP) of low-voltage electrical distribution systems for industrial, commercial and private use. Suitable for the installation at the 0A-2 boundaries according to the Lightning Protection Zone Concept of IEC 61312.

  • ready for use, modular all-in-one protection unit
  • hermetically sealed, built-in rare-gas-filled isolated spark gaps
  • no blow-out vents, i.e. not requiring any safety distances for installation
  • up to 100 kA discharge capacity (10/350 µs)
  • high quenching capacity of follow-on short circuit currents
  • high insulation resistance Riso > 10 GΩ
  • protection level from < 0.75 kV up to 1.0 kV
  • V-wiring over multi-functional terminals possible
  • no leakage-currents, i.e. allowing installation upstream of power meters
  • ptional remote contact (FM)
  • max. operational availability
  • high TOV resistance
  • functions independently of atmspheric air pressure and ambient humidity

PowerPro BCD