Orbit Merret - OMD 202UNI

Orbit Merret - OMD 202UNI
Brand: Orbit Merret
Product Code: OMD 202UNI-xxxxxxxxx
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4-digit or 6-digit universal programmable large display

Model OMD 202UN is either 4 or 6-digit universal programmable large display. It is based on a fast 24-bit single-chip microcontroller with A/D convertor with the possibility of configuring 8 various inputs, easily selectable in the instrument's menu. It also ensures high accuracy, stability and ease of control. LEDs can be either mono-colour high brightness, or 3-colour. The colour can change according to the displayed value. Besides the possibility of panel mounting the display is designed also for outdoor use and has overall IP rating of 64. Cables are connected through grommets. The display is controlled using an remote IR controller.

Display Ranges Outputs Size


57/100/125 mm

3-color LED

or Hi LED

±60/±150/±300/±1 200 mV
0…5/20 mA/4…20 mA
±2/±5/±10/±40 V
0…100 Ω/1/10/100 kΩ
Pt 50/100/500/1 000
Cu 50/ 100
Ni 1 000/10 000
Linear potentiometer

Option A
±0,1/±0,25/±0,5/±2/±5 A
±100/±250/±500 V

Option B
0…5/20/4…20 mA

±2/±5/±10/±40 V

5…24 VDC
4x relays
0…5 mA
0/4…20 mA
0…2/5/10 V
RS 232/485