Getting Started – Horner All-in-One Controllers

Note: If this is your first time using Cscape, please download the Cscape starter guide and follow the steps.

Getting Started with CsCAPE - Autech.pdf

In this guide, we will look at how to setup a Horner All-in-One Controller with Cscape 9.6 software and download a project to it.

Getting Started - Horner All-in-One Controllers (694KB).pdf

What you need

All of these:

  • Horner All-in-One Controller (an XL7 series (HE-XW1E2) is used here)
  • A PC installed with Cscape 9.6 (free download link from our website)

and one of these:

  • An Ethernet cable and switch/router – for download via Ethernet
  • An HE5000CBL300A programming cable and a RS232 Serial cable – for download via MJ programming port
  • Micro SD card – for SD card download
  • USB memory stick – for USB stick download

Project NavigatorCreate a new project

Open Cscape and a project will be automatically created. Go to Tools and bring up the Project Navigator.







Hardware ConfigurationGo to Hardware configuration in the project navigator and select the correct model under Series, Device Type and Model #.







Lan Config


Go to LAN1 Config and put in an IP Address that is not being used in the network. Put as the net mask and the gateway address of your network.







Network SetupIP Address Setting

Press the system button on the side of the screen and go to set networks.

In System Menu, go to Set Networks and Change the IP Address to an IP that is not currently in use. Net Mask is and the gateway is the IP address of the Modem to which the controller is connected.





 Connection 400pDownload via Ethernet

First, we need to make sure that the controller is plugged in with an Ethernet cable and connected to a switch/router. The PC needs to be connected to the same switch/router so that they are on the same network. Open a project in Cscape. Go to the menu bar and choose Controller > Connection Wizard. Choose Ethernet and type in the IP address manually.



Once the controller is connected, you should be able to see the highlighted symbols become active. Click the symbol above the mouse in the picture blow to do a download.







Export 400pDownload Using Micro SD Card & USB Stick

Most models come with a Micro SD Card Slot and a USB port with a storage space no greater than 2GB. That can be used to download your program without the need of a PC.

Go to Cscape and choose File > Export to Removable Media. Save the file to the SD card or USB stick (formatted in FAT32).





SD & USBPlug the SD card or USB stick to the back of the device. Go to the setup menu and choose removable media. Select the previously saved program and click the Save PGM button.









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