Horner 4.3" Colour Touch

XL4 - Our Most Advanced 1⁄4 DIN All-in-one Controller

The XL4 All-in-One controller with a built-in 32,000 colour TFT touch screen, I/O-Modules, networking options, removable MicroSDCard and USB ports. Programmable by Horner APG's industry recognised Cscape software, XL4 can control a wide range of different processes and machines from small to medium applications.


3.5″ Colour Touchscreen

The XL4 is in the same ¼ DIN form factor as our extremely popular XLe & XLt. The XL4 LCD TFT Display is in full colour with QVGA resolution. Screens previously developed for the XLe & XLt can be upscaled automatically and then enhanced. In addition - XL4 screen updates are extremely fast.

Full Ethernet Built into Every Unit

The XL4 model now has 100Mbps Ethernet built into every model. No special add-ons or accessories are needed. The XL4 Ethernet support includes an integrated Web Server, FTP Host, Email, Modbus/TCP Master/Slave, Programming, and much more. You can create your own mobile friendly web-apps, access logged data, and setup the device to work on your network. Now's that's what we call an All-In-One Controller!



Online Programming & High-Speed USB 2.0

The XL4 includes both a USB Host port and a USB On-the-go Port - each at USB 2.0 speeds (480Mbps). The Host Port allows connection of removable FLASH drives, supporting drives up to 2TB. The On-the-go Port provides the fastest communications interface for Programme Change on Line (Online Change). The XL4 supports true Online Programming - allowing the logic program to be modified on-the-fly without entering stop mode. That's invaluable for machine and process modifications.

Advanced High Speed Counter (upto 500kHz)

The XL4 features Advanced High Speed Counting & Analog Specifications. The 2 channel High Speed Counter accepts frequencies exceeding 500kHz, supporting a variety of modes including Totalizing, Quadrature, Pulse Measurement, Frequency Counting and Setpoint Controlled Outputs. The 0-10V / 4-20mA Analogue Input resolution has been increased from 10-bit to 12-bit for most models, with 14/16-bit resolution for the Model 5 and 14/17bit for the Model 6.



For a wide range of Applications

As a compact, powerful controller, XL4 can be used in literally thousands of applications from Machines to Mobile and Process Control Applications. High-speed Ethernet, CANBus and Modbus options offer you the perfect networking mix.

The XL Series comes with a wide range of field installable add-on communications options. You can select from the following: 10/100MBit Ethernet, GSM/GPRS cellular, telephone modem and radio modems. All options support remote Cscape™ programming, Modbus master and slave and OPC. The GSM/GPRS cellular also support Modbus/TCP slave. A GPS receiver unit is also available for mobile applications.



XL4 supports CsCAN or CANopen high-speed networking and Ethernet as a standard. Single-point-of-connect (only CsCAN) allows seamless communications between the PC running Cscape or our PC visualisation software Envision and any controller.


I/O Expansion

XL4 I/O expansion is not limited to its Built-in I/O. SmartStix and SmartBlock are a high-speed CAN based I/O and can be distributed over distances of up to 1km. SmartMod based I/O is a cost effective solution of adding a few points of extra I/O to complement the On Board I/O. The Ethernet port allows large numbers of I/O to be added using the  SmartRail Ethernet I/O system



As a compact, powerful controller, the XL4 can be used in literally thousands of applications. From OEM machine control to machine monitoring in a plant environment, the XL Series can be instrumental in keeping you or your customer's automation activities running smoothly. Future expansion is not a concern because the XL4 is part of the wide-ranging  OCS product line - programmable throughout with a single FREE software package, Cscape™.



OCS is designed to look like a "generic" operator station, fitting in with most cabinet and console designs and color schemes. But sometimes adding an individualized look can mean a world of difference in the overall usefulness of an operator station and the marketing of your machine or system.

OCS product
  • Apply a label on the overlay to add your company logo
  • Substitute a custom keypad with your company's logo, colors and industry terms
  • Design overlays in any language


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