Horner Monochrome Touch 1/4 DIN

XLt - Compact Touch Screen OCS

The XL Series of OCS controllers has expanded to include the XLt, the worlds smallest controller with a built-in touch screen, I/O and networking, plus removable mass data storage as a standard.


Built on the highly successful XLe chassis and feature set, the XLt is equipped with a larger, high-resolution resistive touch screen. Its advanced transflective readable display means the XLt is ideally suited both for indoor AND outdoor use even in direct sunlight!

XLt is supported by the latest industry recognized Cscape software. There are four models available featuring flexible levels of I/O. The XLt duplicates the extensive communications options of the XLe - which currently boasts support for Ethernet, PSTN Telephone modem, GPS receiver and GSM/GPRS Modem technology.

Feature In Detail

  • 160x128 pixel graphical display, with a high-resolution resistive touch screen for detailed user interface
  • Four programmable function keys plus system button
  • Philips ARM7 Core with 1.2 ms/k scan time
  • 256 kB internal memory with up to 2GB MicroSDT mass-memory storage
  • Two RS232/485 Serial Ports as standard
  • CAN port as standard
  • Add-on Ethernet, GSM/GPRS, PSTN Modem, even a GPS receiver
  • Designed for IP65/NEMA 4X environment; panel or DIN-rail mountable (1/4 DIN Package 96x96mm)
  • Wide temperature range (0 to 60°C)
  • 10 - 30 VDC supply range
  • Available in Grey/Black&Blue or with Custom colours


I/O Expansion.

XLt Series I/O expansion is not limited to it's built-in I/O. SmartStix I/O is high-speed and can be local or highly distributed. SmartMod based I/O is a cost effective means of adding specialty or a mix of I/O types.

XLt Series


The XLt Series supports CsCAN or CANopen high-speed networking as standard, and Ethernet networking as a field-installable option. Single-point-of-connect (only CsCAN) allows seamless communications between the computer and any controller. In the diagram above, XLt 2 and XLe are accessed by the PC over Ethernet and CsCAN through XLt 1.


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