Horner 5.7" Colour Touch

EXL6 - Enhanced Screen, Faster Logic, Unprecedented Capabilities The 5.7" OCS controller is now faster than ever with improved logic, higher screen resolution, and proven performance.

Utilizing the same 5.7" opening as our XL6e, the new and improved EXL6 was engineered to incorporate intuitive functionalities and innovative features as previous models of our XL series of OCS controllers.
The EXL6 LCD TFT Display is full color with VGA resolution and provides virtually instantaneous updates. Low-temperature options are available as an add-on feature.

Full Ethernet Built into Every Unit
The EXL6 model has built-in 100Mbps Ethernet. The EXL6 Ethernet support includes an integrated Web Server, FTP Host, email, Modbus/TCP Master/Slave, Programming, and much more.

Online Programming & High-Speed USB 2.0
The EXL6 includes two USB 2.0 ports; Host port and an on-the-go port. The Host Port allows connection of removable FLASH drives, supporting drives up to 2TB. EXL6 Online Programming allows the logic program to be modified on-thefly without entering stop mode.

Advanced High Speed Counter (>500kHz)
The channel High Speed Counter accepts frequencies exceeding 500kHz, supporting a variety of modes including Totalizing, Quadrature, Pulse Measurement, Frequency Counting and Setpoint Controlled Outputs.

As a compact, powerful controller, EXL6 can be used in literally thousands of applications from Machines to Mobile and Process Control Applications. High-speed Ethernet, CANBus and Modbus options offer you the perfect networking mix.


XL Series


The XL Series comes with a wide range of field installable add-on communications options. You can select from the following: GSM/GPRS cellular, telephone modem and radio modems. All options support remote Cscape™ programming, Modbus master and slave and OPC. Both the 10/100 Ethernet and GSM/GPRS cellular also support Modbus/TCP slave. A GPS receiver unit is also available for mobile applications.


XL6 Series

I/O Expansion

EXL6 Series I/O expansion is not limited to its Built-in I/O. SmartStix is a high-speed I/O and can be distributed over distances of up to 1km. SmartMod based I/O is a cost effective solution of adding another set of mixed I/O.



Supports CsCAN or CANopen high-speed networking as standard and Ethernet as a field-installable option. Single-point-of-connect (only CsCAN) allows seamless communications between the PC running CscapeTM or our PC visualisation software EnvisionTM and any controller. In the diagram above, XLe and XL6 ' are accessed by the PC over Ethernet and CsCan through XLt.


EXL6 - 5.7" TFT Colour Touch Screen

Logic engine features 1MB of application memory with a 0.013mS/K logic scan. Online Programming Mode (making logic changes on the fly without going through stop mode) is supported.

Operator Interface features include:

640x480 LCD TFT color graphics display with a high resolution resistive touchscreen

4 function keys and a system key

USB 2.0 On-the-Go port (mini-B 5pin) is available for programming

USB 2.0 Host port (A) is available for exchanging files with USB FLASH drives

Two (2) RS-232 and one (1) RS-485 port support RTU/Modbus Master/Slave, ASCII In/Out, and PLC/Drive downloadable protocols

Networking features include:

Built-in 10/100 Ethernet port

Integrated CsCAN port

All units feature a microSD slot, supporting at least 32GB. COM option expansion modules are supported, including Profibus DP, 2ch/4ch Analog Output, Radio Modem, Telephone Modem, and GPRS Cellular Modem. The COM options are independent of the serial ports.




As a compact, powerful controller, the EXL6 can be used in literally thousands of applications. From OEM machine control to machine monitoring in a plant environment, the XL Series can be instrumental in keeping you or your customer's automation activities running smoothly. Future expansion is not a concern because the XL6 is part of the wide-ranging OCS product line - programmable throughout with a single FREE software package, Cscape™.



OCS is designed to look like a "generic" operator station, fitting in with most cabinet and console designs and color schemes. But sometimes adding an individualized look can mean a world of difference in the overall usefulness of an operator station and the marketing of your machine or system.

OCS product
  • Apply a label on the overlay to add your company logo
  • Substitute a custom keypad with your company's logo, colors and industry terms
  • Design overlays in any language

All connectors are removable.

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