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The Sea-Lix is a patented turbine platform technology. Although every Sea-Lix product is built around the same design principle, our product lines excel in a wide range of configurations and sizes based on the needs of our customers. Our turbines extract power from water distribution networks, tides and rivers. Sea-Lix turbines also bridge gaps in conventional hydro schemes.

Introducing the POGMO

The POGMO is a game-changing pico-turbine that provides off-grid power to Smart Water Networks. The smaller POGMOs produce enough power to feed monitoring equipment, while the larger POGMOs are designed for heavier tasks like valve actuators. While they offer great capabilites by themselves, the ideal approach is to use them in combination with each other.

A typical application would be Pressure Management by installing multiple pressure sensors inside a District Metered Area (DMA), and feed their signals remotely to an upstream Pressure Control Unit, such as the POPCO. The pressure sensors are powered by small POGMOs, while the upstream valve actuator is being powered by a larger POGMO. This setup allows for precise and instantaneous pressure control, keeping pressure-induced leakages at a minimum. In addition to pressure control, POGMOs can be used to power flow metering, water quality monitoring and various forms for wireless communication. 

Powering Smart Water Networks

Water utilities can save an estimated € 6.1 – 10.7 billion annually by implementing Smart Water technologies. Sea-Lix delivers plug and play turbine solutions for secure and reliable power supply at off-grid locations in water distribution networks.

In water distribution, the quality of water network operations – in particular leakage and pressure management – is a function of data availability and data resolution. Fitted directly in to the main water network or in a bypass branch, the POGMO turbine provides a reliable power supply at selected locations in the water distribution network. Once installed, it can power a wide array of equipment, such as sensors, actuators, communication devices and more. It allows for continuous monitoring and reporting of pressure, flow and water quality – without limitations on sample frequency. Instant and continuous data is an integral capability for network optimisation.

By enabling precise pressure management, the POGMO contributes substantially towards 

  • reducing operational expenditures (OPEX) (leakage rate reduction, number of service calls)
  • reducing capital expenditures (CAPEX) (fewer pipe bursts, reduced stress on pipes and equipment, increased life expectancy)