Doepke - Installation Contactor 40A 4NO 240VAC

Doepke - Installation Contactor 40A 4NO 240VAC
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Installation contactors are electromagnetically operated switches. If a control current flows through the magnetic coil, the main circuit closes the magnetic energiser. As long as the control current flows, the switch-on position is maintained. If the control current is interrupted, a spring forces the disconnection o return of the contacts to their original position. This design means that contactors ensure a galvanic separation between the control circuit and the switched circuit whilst simultaneously allowing high currents to be switched. Installation contactors are only designed in a limited way for release and must be protected against overload and short-circuits by upstream protective devices. Installation contactors in series HS for installation in distribution boards are extremely quiet and have very low-noise switching processes, are highly versatile thanks to their utilization categories and have a long mechanical and electrical service life. The magnetic coil of this series is suitable for continuous operation (100% duty cycle). Devices in this design are operated with a control voltage of 230 V AC.


wide range of different contacts, high electrical and mechanical endurance, extremely quiet, suitable auxiliary switch and seal cap available

Mounting method:

quick fastening to mounting rail, any installation position


Installation contactors are frequently used in residential and purpose-built buildings as well as industrial facilities. They take on the switching of incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, transformers for halogen low-voltage lamps, mercury vapour high-pressure lamps (HQL, HPL), metal halide lamps (HQI, HPI), sodium vapour, low and high-pressure lamps, storage heaters or drives (motors).


The designation for the devices in this series includes both the rated current (first group of digits) and the contact design (final group of digits). A HS 25-31 therefore has a rated current of 25 A, three normally opened contacts and one normally closed contact., At ambient temperatures above 40 °C, we recommend using the RD 05 spacer.

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