GIC Genie NX Smart Relay

GIC Genie NX Smart Relay
Brand: General Industrial Controls
Product Code: Genie NX
Availability: Call - 03 9544 0733
List-Price: AU$275.00
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Now you can seamlessly implement automation in your electromechanical processes with GIC’s Programmable Logic controller. It is a real-time system designed for multiple input and output arrangements and has applications in both, Industrial and Commercial sectors.

Smart Relay Smart Relay

  • Supports upto 48 I/Os (32 Digital Inputs & 16 Digital Outputs)
  • 250 lines of ladder programming
  • 16 soft text messages, Time Switches, Compare Counters, Timers, Counters & 12 Analog functions, 4 Hour Meters
  • DST Feature Available
  • Backlit LCD Screen for display & modification of pre-selected parameters of functional blocks, viewing I/O status and programming on the device
  • PC software for programming, online & offline simulation, documentation & printing
  • Designed for use in automation for commercial & Industrial sectors
  • Nx-Comm RS 485 Module
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