Modbus TCP I/O Modules (Ethernet)

Modbus TCP I/O Modules (Ethernet)

The Ethernet I/O-Modules of the MX210 series are available in different variants depending on the combination of the number, type, and properties of their inputs and outputs. The MX210 series includes modules featuring high-frequency inputs of up to 100 kHz for high-speed counting.

Each module of this series has two built-in Ethernet ports. This allows interconnection of these devices according to the daisy chain connection, which stands out by simplicity and scalability. The two Ethernet ports are bypass-capable, meaning that the data transfer is not interrupted even if one of the modules fails.

Any MX210 extension module can simultaneously communicate with up to 4 TCP clients, which facilitates cabling and configuring of the control system.

Functions and features:

  • - Up to 32 DI / 16 DO | up to 8 AI / 8 AO
  • - A wide range of various digital and analog inputs and outputs
  • - Network status diagnostics
  • - Supported protocols: Modbus TCP, MQTT, SNMP, SNTP
  • - 2-port Ethernet Switch (LAN bypass)
  • - Daisy-Chain Wiring
  • - Alarm signals
  • - Real-time clock
  • - Data logging
  • - Group configuration of multiple modules
  • - Easy mounting and connection
  • - Free of charge configuration tool
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