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akYtec - MU210-501 Analog Output Module
The analog output module MU110-501 has 8 analog outputs (0(4)-20 mA, 0-1(10)V). To commu..
akYtec - MV210-101 Analog Input Module
The analog input module MV210-101 has 8 analog inputs which can be connected to various ..
akYtec - MK210 Digital I/O-Module
The digital I/O-Module MK210 has 6 or 12 digital inputs which are implemented as switch contacts ..
akYtec - ITP11 Process indicator 4-20 mA
  The ITP11 is a universal, microprocessor-controlled display unit for monitoring i..
akYtec - ITP11-R-W Process indicator 4-20 mA
Universal display for 4-20 mA in wall mount enclosure  The ITP11-R-W is a univers..
akYtec - PD111 Pressure Transmitter
The PD111 is a pressure transmitter for general application with an internal diaphragm made o..
akYtec - MV210 Digital Input Module
The digital input module MV210 has 20 or 32 digital inputs able to connect switch contacts as wel..
akYtec - MU210 Digital Output Module
The digital output module MU210 has 8 or 16 digital outputs (relay or transistor outputs). The ma..
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