akYtec - MV210-101 Analog Input Module

akYtec - MV210-101 Analog Input Module
Brand: Akytec GmbH
Product Code: MV210-101
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The analog input module MV210-101 has 8 analog inputs which can be connected to various types of RTDs, thermocouples, position encoders, and standard signals. To communicate the input data to a controller, an Ethernet port and Modbus TCP are at your disposal. The module requires 24V DC input power and can operate in the temperature range between -40 and +55 °C.

  • 2 bypass-capable Ethernet ports
  • Support for daisy-chain wiring
  • Support for Modbus TCP, MQTT, SNMP, SNTP
  • Simultaneous communication with up to 4 TCP clients
  • LEDs for network status diagnostics
  • Support for data logging
  • Built-in real-time clock
  • Free of charge configurator
  • Synchronous configuration update of two or more selected modules

The daisy-chain connectivity and support for Ethernet auto-bypass prevent accidental loss of communication if one of the modules unexpectedly shuts down



Power supply 24 (10...48) V DC
Power consumption, max. 4 W
Analog inputs
Quantity 8
Type RTD, TC, 0-2(5) kohm
0(4)-20 mA, -1...1 V
(the complete list)
Interface Dual Port Ethernet 10/100 Mbit
Configuration interfaces USB 2.0 (MicroUSB), Ethernet 10/100 Mbit
Protocol Modbus TCP
Ambient temperature -40...+55 °C
Storage temperature -40...+55 °C
Humidity up to 95%, non-condensing
IP Code IP20
Dimensions 42 x 124 x 83 mm
Weight approx. 400 g
Material plastic


Supported Sensors

Sensor Measuring range 
Pt50, Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000 -200…+850°C
Ni100, Ni500, Ni1000 -60…+180°C
J -200…+1200°C
N -200…+1300°C
K -200…+1300°C
S 0…+1750°C
R 0…+1750°C
B +200…+1800°C
T -200…+400°C
Standart signals
-1...1 V
-50…+50 mV
0-5 mA
0-20 mA
4-20 mA
Resistive signals
0-2000 ohm 0…100%
0-5000 ohm 0…100%


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